Facade cleaning

360Retail faced a challenge when tasked with cleaning the entire outside facade of a store location for a prominent retail client.

Building maintenance


Over time, environmental factors, pollution, and weathering had left the facade dirty and stained, detracting from the store's appearance and brand image.


360Retail deployed a comprehensive plan to restore the store's exterior facade to its original pristine condition, enhancing the visual appeal and maintaining the client's brand integrity.

Key Steps Taken

1.  Initial Assessment

The 360Retail team conducted a detailed assessment of the store's exterior facade to identify areas requiring cleaning and determine the most suitable cleaning methods and products.

2. Surface Preparation

Prior to cleaning, the team prepared the facade by removing any debris, loose dirt, or obstructions that could interfere with the cleaning process. This included clearing the surrounding area to ensure safe and unobstructed access.

3. Cleaning Process

Utilizing industry-leading equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning agents, 360Retail's trained technicians meticulously cleaned the entire exterior facade of the store. Special attention was given to areas with heavy staining or discoloration to ensure thorough removal.

4. Spot Treatment

Stubborn stains or blemishes were targeted with specialized spot treatment techniques to ensure a uniform and consistent appearance across the facade. This meticulous approach ensured that even the toughest stains were effectively addressed.

5. Final Inspection and Touch-Ups

Once the cleaning process was complete, the 360Retail team conducted a final inspection to ensure that the facade met the client's expectations. Any remaining imperfections or areas requiring touch-ups were promptly addressed to achieve a flawless finish.


Thanks to 360Retail's cleaning services, the store's exterior facade was transformed from dull and dirty to vibrant and pristine. The enhanced appearance not only elevated the store's aesthetic appeal but also reinforced the client's brand identity, leaving a positive impression on customers.

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