Severe water damage

360Retail encountered a significant challenge when a prominent retailer, operating over 960 stores worldwide, experienced severe water leakage in one of their stores located in Brussels.

Brussels, Belgium
Waterproofing and sealing


The water cascaded through the ceiling, causing extensive damage to the premises and jeopardizing the store's ability to serve customers due to the necessity of closure.


Recognizing the urgency of the situation and the potential impact on the client's operations, 360Retail promptly mobilized their team to devise a comprehensive plan to address the water leakage and restore the affected store to operational status as quickly as possible.

Key Steps Taken

1.  Emergency Response

Upon receiving notification of the water leakage, 360Retail immediately dispatched a rapid response team to the affected store in Brussels. The team quickly assessed the extent of the damage and formulated a plan of action to mitigate further harm.

2. Damage Assessment and Mitigation

Skilled technicians conducted a thorough assessment of the premises to identify areas affected by water damage. Using specialized equipment, they swiftly implemented measures to stop the leakage and prevent additional water ingress, minimizing further damage to the store.

3. Restoration and Repairs

With the water leakage contained, 360Retail's team focused on restoring the affected areas of the store. This involved repairing damaged ceilings, walls, and flooring, as well as addressing any structural issues caused by the water damage. Additionally, measures were taken to ensure the store met safety and regulatory standards before reopening to the public.

4. Customer Communication

Throughout the restoration process, 360Retail maintained open communication channels with the client, providing regular updates on the progress of repairs and estimated timelines for reopening the store. This ensured transparency and allowed the client to plan accordingly.

5. Timely Reopening

Despite the significant challenges posed by the water leakage, 360Retail's efficient workflows and dedication to customer service enabled the affected store to reopen to customers in Brussels within the shortest possible timeframe, minimizing disruption to the client's business operations.


The client's store in Brussels was able to resume normal operations quickly and efficiently. The timely restoration of the premises not only prevented further damage but also upheld the client's reputation for delivering exceptional service to their customers.

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