Boarding up the premises

360Retail faced a sudden and urgent challenge when a client's retail store locations in both the Netherlands and Belgium required immediate boarding up due to the threat of potential riots in the city centers.

Belgium & The Netherlands
Boarding up


The client, a retail corporation, sought to protect their stores from potential damage and looting by securing the premises within the same day of the request.


Understanding the critical nature of the situation, 360Retail swiftly mobilized their team to develop a rapid response plan to address the client's urgent needs across two countries.

Key Steps Taken

1.  Assessment and Planning

Upon receiving the request, 360Retail quickly assessed the situation and coordinated with local teams and suppliers in both the Netherlands and Belgium to ensure a synchronized response.

2. Resource Deployment

Utilizing their network of resources, 360Retail promptly deployed teams equipped with necessary materials and equipment to both store locations.

3. Boarding Up Process

Skilled technicians efficiently boarded up the store premises, utilizing sturdy materials to fortify vulnerable entry points and windows, thereby safeguarding against potential damage and looting.

4. Communication

Throughout the process, 360Retail maintained clear communication with the client, providing regular updates on the progress of the boarding up efforts and addressing any additional concerns or requirements.

5. Timely Completion

Despite the logistical challenges of coordinating operations across two countries, 360Retail's proactive approach and efficient workflows ensured that both store locations were securely boarded up within the same day of the initial request.


Thanks to 360Retail's swift and coordinated response, the client's retail stores in both the Netherlands and Belgium were effectively protected from the threat of riots, minimizing the risk of damage and potential losses. The client expressed gratitude for 360Retail's timely and professional handling of the situation, reaffirming their trust in the company's ability to deliver under pressure.

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