Maintenance, renovation, 24/7 repair, inspections and supplies.

Explore our range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of retail establishments. From preventive maintenance and repairs to emergency response and energy management, we have the expertise to keep your facilities running smoothly.

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Store maintenance

Store maintenance includes interior, exterior, equipment, safety, utilities, security, and storefront presentation services. From cleaning and repairs to landscaping and signage, we ensure your retail space operates smoothly and looks its best.

Store renovations

Store renovation covers layout changes, flooring, ceilings, painting, plumbing, fixtures, signage, facade and window upgrades. Structural repairs, technology integration, accessibility enhancements, energy efficiency, and quality assurance ensure a seamless transformation.

Store interiors

Store interiors services focus on fixtures, lighting, flooring, walls, comfort, and maintenance. From shelves to seating, lighting design to temperature control, we enhance aesthetics, functionality, and ambiance, ensuring a comfortable and engaging shopping environment.

Store supplies

Store supplies include sanitary bins, water coolers, coffee machines, EHBO-kits, fire alarms, extinguishers, waste containers, and hygiene products. We provide essential equipment for safety, cleanliness and convenience, ensuring a well-equipped and comfortable retail environment.

Store maintenance



Equipment & machinery

Safety & compliance


Security & surveillance

Storefront presentation

Scheduled inspections and maintenance*

Store renovations




Technology integration


Environmental considerations

Quality assurance

Store interiors

Fixtures and displays

Lighting design

Flooring and floor coverings

Wall treatments and decor

Comfort and ergonomics



Store malfunction?

In recent years, we have fixed a wide variety of malfunctions and emergencies. Without causing any inconvenience to our clients. You can call us for nearly anything. 

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